Picking a Cat Ring for Your Loved One

Paw Pring Ring

Cat rings can serve as wonderful gift items. You can purchase a nice cat ring for your loved one at any time. You can use the ring as a special birthday present for a dear friend. You can also send a cat ring gift to your lady friend during her wedding. Whichever is the case, you don’t just buy a cat ring from any source. You need to make certain consideration when searching for a suitable cat ring for your loved one. Here are some points to note:

Choose a suitable Metal

Cat rings are usually crafted with gold or silver metals. Some of them are also made of a combination of other unique metals such as nickel, copper, zinc and so on. You have to choose a suitable ring with the right metal undertone. You need to know the actual preference of your loved one before you make any choice. You can ask your friend about her metal preference before you go ahead to buy any of the rings.

Choose a suitable Size

There are diverse sizes of cat rings available. The sizes are usually measured in millimeters. The sizes range from 40 to 55 mm and beyond. You need to pick a suitable ring size that will match your friend’s fingers. In most cases, ladies do have slim fingers. You need to know the estimated finger size of your loved one before you go ahead to buy any of the cat rings.

Choose attractive  cat eyes

What makes cat rings unique is the variety of the cat eyes used in designing them. You can choose any of the popular cat eyes options. Among them include green diamond, yellow diamond, black diamond and white diamond eyes in their different carat sizes. There are also natural blues sapphire, and natural pink sapphire eyes. You can always pick any of the attractive cat eyes that will make your loved one leap with joy.

Consider the occasion on ground

You may consider the particular occasion involved when searching for a suitable cat ring. If for instance your loved one is celebrating her birthday, you can buy her a gold cat ring. If she’s celebrating an anniversary or wedding event, you can purchase a silver cat ring for her. There’s no special rule on this. You still have the right to make choices.

In all, you need to consider your budget when looking for a suitable cat ring. The cat rings are offered in varied prices. You can compare their prices before placing an order. You should also make sure you’re buying the rings from a reliable jeweler.

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